Does Your Restaurant Marketing Need Some Flavor?

Spice up your marketing and grow your business with our automated marketing strategies. Yes, automated. They manage themselves.
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Wait, Automated?

You heard correctly! These two words will change your marketing strategy forever… Social Wifi. Social Wifi converts the free wifi that you are offering your guests into a marketing machine that manages itself. Once our router is installed, your guests will log in with their email address, phone number or Facebook account – instead of a password. Our software will collect their information and start to send them custom-made, pre-programed marketing messages like: a review request after they leave your business, a special offer, or a birthday message.

Social WiFi Step 1:
Customer Login

When your customer selects your wifi network, they are directed to your custom branded splash page. They can log in by entering their email address, phone number or Facebook account. You can even prompt them to answer a question like “What type of dessert do you want to see on our spring menu?”

Social WiFi Step 2:
Automated Messaging

Your customer’s contact information is stored in your database. From your database, we will create sequences of unique marketing messages that will automatically send to your customers. For example, a review request after the first time they visit your business, then a new customer offer 3 days later.

Social WiFi Step 3:
Reports & Analytics

Everyone has a phone. Our software tracks the number of phones that come in and out of your business, how long they stay there, and most importantly who the phone belongs to (hint: your customers). You’ll get to know your customers like you never thought you could.

Small Business Marketing Tools That Work

Your managers are managing, your cooks are cooking, your servers are serving… who is handling your marketing? Let your core employees do what they should be doing, and leave the marketing to us. Don’t waste your precious time on marketing stuff. Hand it over. Come on. We will take good care of it. 

We are full service and there is nothing (marketing related) that we can’t handle or figure out for you. Our specialties are social wifi campaigns, review generation and management techniques, WordPress website design, and email marketing campaigns. If you need a hand with social media accounts, video editing, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing services – we’re really good at that too.